Specializing in the Resale of Franchise Businesses since 1978

Ritchie and the NFS team was an absolute joy to work with

"Ritchie and the NFS team was an absolute joy to work with. I am a first time Buyer/franchisee and they made the process so easy and relatively stress free. Coordination with landlord, lender, escrow, etc was all seamless and made possible due to NFS. I STRONGLY recommend NFS! I will be certainly working with them again."

  • Greg Snow
  • Buyer

A great detailed package before listing which tremendously helped highlight our stores

"It was a pleasure working with the NFS team in selling our Marcos Pizza stores in South Alabama. Ritchie was able to sell our stores quickly and put together a great detailed package before listing which tremendously helped highlight our stores. He was professional and prompt throughout the process and looked out for our best interests. He worked diligently with us from start to finish and without a doubt will be working with him in the future. Highly recommended by my group!"

  • Anu Patel
  • Maruti LLC #1

Brought the effort back to life time and time again

"NFS recently facilitated the sale of five Marco's Pizza locations in the Denver area to us. These transactions were quite complicated on their own merits. Add in the pandemic, PPP funds, … and a myriad of other issues and there is no reason these deals should have successfully closed. In fact, we presumed them dead several times. Ritchie Labate brought the effort back to life time and time again. He proved to be the key player in everything and without him, nobody would have been successful in this endeavor. I cannot stress enough that without Ritchie, the transactions would have gone nowhere."

  • Aaron Rosenthal
  • La Tavola Hospitality Group, LLC

Difference maker throughout the whole complex process

"It's amazing the number of hurdles and obstacles one encounters - Ritchie smoothly navigated me and the buyer through the whole process ensuring the deal stayed on course when it may very well have otherwise fallen apart. Whether you're a current franchisee looking to sell or someone interested in acquiring a franchise, I'd recommend (NFS). Ritchie always returned my calls, answered my questions, and was extremely knowledgeable and honest in all his dealings with me, the buyer, the franchisor and the landlord"

  • Walter Wrahtz
  • Seller - Melting Pot Portland, OR

NFS has clear and simple to understand business financial analysis

"I have known Jerry Thissen since "Yellow Pages" days and I give him credit for helping me to get into the business world. NFS has clear and simple to understand business financial analysis / P&L review process which makes it very easy for any prospective client to understand the business profitability model and be able to make decisions quickly. This format has not changed since 1993 and has stayed very original! Jerry's team is very responsive and easy to interact with. Over the years, I have never had any hesitation to refer anyone who might be looking to buy or sell franchise businesses to NFS."

  • Farrukh Saeed
  • Multi-Unit Operator

Participants were totally impressed with the entire live auction and results

"National Franchise Sales did the most fantastic job! I was very proud to be a part of the whole program and I have no doubt that participants were totally impressed with the entire live auction and results."

  • Beverly N. McFarland
  • Chapter 11 Trustee

Recommend them without hesitation

"Working with Becky and Megan Black made the sale of my 2 Jimmy Johns stores possible in about 6 months. They handled the entire process from start to finish and were extremely helpful and knowledgeable working with Jimmy Johns and the banks. I would definitely recommend them without hesitation."

  • Mike Shirley
  • Multi-Unit Seller

There isn’t a firm that is as knowledgeable about the franchise business

"NFS has built quite a team - there isn’t a business brokerage firm that is as knowledgeable about the franchise business, has the experience and expertise sellers can rely on to get the highest market value for their franchise company, nor has the highest of ethical standards than NFS. I’d heartily recommend National Franchise Sales to franchise business owners contemplating a sale."

  • John Hamburger
  • President | Franchise Times

Proceeds from the sale were almost double what was expected

"Alan and his team went above and beyond what was expected in selling the 24 company owned store for Fatburger. The end result was that proceeds from the sale were almost double what was expected."

  • Winston Mar
  • CRO

I recommend their services to anyone looking to acquire or sell franchise businesses

"I have worked with NFS for well over 10 years, completing several transactions across the country. Their professionalism, knowledge, expertise in the field along with the highest ethical and moral standards in the industry make them, one of the best companies I have worked with. Their hands on approach from the beginning to the end, helps make the challenging franchise resale process easier to handle."

  • Sham Asnani
  • Multi Unit Franchisee

Thank you for all the valuable advice

"You are very knowledgeable.

I really want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for all your help and assistance with buying the Vancouver store and all the valuable advice in the process."

  • Samuel Zerihun
  • Buyer

NFS knowledge of the franchise business was a benefit to all involved

"Thanks to your professionalism and hard work we were able to close the escrow. Even though it was difficult transaction, your understanding and knowledge of the franchise business helped me and everyone involved in this transaction will benefit for a long time to come. I sincerely thank you and your team."

  • James Rho
  • CRJ Restaurant Management, Inc.

We had selected the correct team

"We would like to personally thank you for working so diligently to put together a deal to sell both of our LLC's. We knew that this would be a challenge but knew that we had selected the correct team. Your tireless energy and networking found us two very good buyers that were a perfect fit for our needs. You did what it took to make it all happen. Again thanks for bringing it to the finish line."

  • Greg & Gerry McDaniel
  • Sellers - Colorado Springs

Experts in Marketing & Selling Your Business

"I have used NFS on several transactions. They are professional and highly experienced in the industry. They are experts in marketing and selling your business and are thorough in all areas of the deal, from the contract process and due diligence info to working with the buyer, seller and franchisor. They make closing a transaction worry free and seamless every step along the way"

  • Dawn LaFreeda
  • Largest Denny's Franchisee

Extremely Helpful in Navigating Transaction

"My team had the pleasure of work with NFS on a 7 store transaction - a complicated affair with a myriad of challenges. They extremely helpful in navigating the transaction through challenging circumstances and brought a positive attitude throughout the process including negotiations, document signing, inventory and closing."

  • Paul Herber
  • Buyer | 7 units

The level of service provided to me was unparalleled

"It was a pleasure to work with Alan and Michael both personally and professionally . I would not hesitate to do it again. In my 9 years as a bankruptcy trustee, the level of service provided to me was unparalleled for an outside broker professional."

  • Heide Kurtz
  • Trustee

NFS Expertise Paid Dividends

"I completed a transaction with NFS that was filled with many anxious moments. The entire way I felt that every individual at NFS was on my team and looking out for me. From decision making, to offering advice, and going the extra mile to ensure a successful transaction, I couldn't have asked for more - the NFS expertise paid dividends all along the way."

  • Paul Urbina
  • Buyer | 14 Units

NFS Certainly Earned Their Fee

"Thank you for leading us through this difficult transaction. You certainly earned your fee - kept a level head and a kept this transaction going in the right direction in spite of the fact that the transaction seemed to jump the tracks quite a few times. A big THANK YOU."

  • Phillip DeMaria, Northwest LLC
  • Seller | 4 Units

Able to Save Considerable Time, Money & Energy

"With the help and expertise of NFS I was able to consummate the sale of 36 restaurants plus development territory in less than 100 days from APA! I was able to save considerable time, money and energy by relying on NFS to manage & oversee lease, financing & franchisor processes."

  • Steve Larson
  • Seller | 36 units

Can Do Attitude

"I am a multi-unit and multi-national brands franchisee and engaged National Franchise Sales in a sales transition of over a dozen units. I would like to thank the NFS team for managing a complicated transaction and a myriad of challenges with their “can do” attitude and look forward to working with them again"

  • Norcal Cajun Foods, Inc.
  • Seller | 13 Units

We have complete confidence in NFS

"NFS quickly mastered all elements of a very challenging bankruptcy asset sale involving 70 Jack in the Box restaurants in multiple California markets. The team's depth of expertise, practicality, foresight, and responsiveness are extraordinary. We have complete confidence in NFS and we're proud to have them as professional colleagues."

  • David A Honig
  • Attorney at Law

Smoothest transaction I ever completed

"The business plan NFS put together with the buyer was top notch, and I am positive that it contributed ultimately to the the buyer being approved"

  • Nick Milazzo
  • Seller

We Often Rely on their Unparalleled Insights

"Restaurant Research is privileged to enjoy a long standing partnership with both NFS. We often rely on their unparalleled insights into both business valuations and the overall restaurant industry."

  • Wally Butkus
  • Partner | Restaurant Research

Worth Paying Every Penny

"In my opinion, this was virtually an impossible transaction and almost seems like a miracle that NFS made it happen. NFS is worth paying every penny while processing your sale. Not only does they look out for all parties, their abundantly tenured experience in processing complex franchise transactions is utterly painless and genuinely well represented for all parties."

  • Ajay Beri
  • Seller

Thanks for you help and insight which aided us in the purchase

"Thanks for you help and insight which aided us in the purchase"

  • Jack Muirhead
  • Buyer

I would recommend NFS to all franchisees

"I want to thank you for the selling of my two restaurants and for all the hard work and dedication the team all gave to make this a great closing. I would recommend NFS to all franchisees"

  • Linda Christ
  • Seller | 2 Units

It Would Not Have Happened without NFS

"As a First Time Buyer of a Franchise, I can honestly say it would not have happened without the step by step guidance from NFS. They walked me through each stage, helped prepare documents, and more importantly set realistic expectations of the entire process."

  • Anthony Carillo
  • Buyer

Thank you for a Job Well Done

"I want to thank you for a job well done. I was impressed with the professionalism and knowledge of your staff. The fact that you actually took care of everything gave me the opportunity to focus on my other businesses. I was highly impressed."

  • Sandy Maple
  • Seller

Incredibly hard working, devoted and talented team

"I served as bankruptcy counsel to the Fatburger restaurant chain and thoroughly enjoyed working with NFS. I found their team to be incredibly hard working, devoted and talented and they deserve all of the credit for the extraordinary results that were achieved at the auction sale of the restaurants under very difficult circumstances"

  • Ron Bender
  • Levene Neale Bender Yoo & Brill LLP

With NFS' guidance I was able to break into the Restaurant Industry

"I was a successful multi-unit 7-Eleven franchisee, but with NFS' guidance and expertise I was able to break into the Restaurant Industry. Their knowledge, experience e and professionalism within the industry was instrumental in expanding our business footprint."

  • Paramjit Sing Nagra
  • Buyer

You Guys are Real Pro's!

"Thank you for your patience through out the process. You guys are reals pro's! There were many ups and downs but as the saying goes - All's well that ends well."

  • Rashid Hameed
  • Buyer

NFS Proved a Valuable Partner

"Over the course of 24 months and two deals, NFS proved a valuable partner. The NFS team provided advice and direction always in the most profession manner. I would not hesitate to list my stores with NFS or use them in another acquisition"

  • Clark Nichols
  • Buyer | 8 Units

Extremely Complicated Transaction Not Possible without Guidance of NFS

"This was an extremely complicated transaction and it would not have been possible to navigate through the many obstacles without the professional guidance and direction provided by the NFS team."

  • Stan Synkoski
  • Buyer | 10 Units

Thank all of you for staging the auction and renegotiated the leases

"Taking this opportunity, we at CNB want to thank all of you for staging the auction and renegotiated the leases up to the last minute, so efficiently. Your efforts are to be commemorated....."

  • Lini Li
  • City National Bank

They Really Do Know the Restaurant Business

"Their knowledge of the Restaurant Industry and what is fair and not fair when pricing and selling a restaurant is the very best. They really do know the restaurant business. We highly recommend National Franchise Sales to our existing clients as well as potential clients."

  • Howard F. Massey
  • VP IOA Insurance | EPL Past President

Accessible & Responsive

"I would like to thank the NFS team for a smooth transition with the sale of my 3 Denny's restaurants. Whenever I needed clarification or had questions they were accessible and responsive. It was great working with NFS."

  • Jim Benware
  • Seller | 3 Units

Talented & Knowledgeable Professionals

"I have had the pleasure to know and work with NFS for over 30 years and the Pinnacle Team trusts their ability to help with business valuations, market intelligence, and client referrals. They are an amazing group of talented and knowledgeable professionals totally dedicated to their work"

  • William Wildman
  • President, Pinnacle Commercial Capital

I would not be willing to do another transaction without them

"I'm happy and confident to recommend the services of National Franchise Sales to Buyers or Sellers considering utilizing their services. After experiencing how seamless they orchestrated this transaction I would not be willing to do another transaction without them on my side."

  • Bryce Olson
  • Buyer | 36 Units

NFS is the only franchise broker group in my contacts list

"There is only one franchise broker group in my contacts list who I call, whenever WKS need professional help selling units that no longer fit our portfolio criteria"

  • Roland Spongberg
  • WKS Restaurant Group

NFS is adept in handling complicated transactions and bringing them to successful closure

"National Franchise Sales is adept in handling complicated transactions and bringing them to successful closure"

  • Terrence Lewis
  • Franchise Business Dev

Thank you for a smooth transaction

"I want to thank you all for a smooth transaction. You provided a great help along the way. Good Job guys!!"

  • Georges Elroueiheb
  • Seller | 6 Units

NFS does really great work and are communicators.

"I work with a lot of bankers for transactions and I think you do a really great work and are an excellent communicator. So it is a pleasure doing business with you."

  • Doug Pak
  • Buyer | 2 Units

NFS was instrumental in helping us to acquire three restaurants

"Patience and seasoned guidance helped us to navigate the purchase process, which lead to a successful closing. We found our Advisor to have a cooperative spirit in resolving issues along the way. He also has an insider's knowledge of restaurant operations that was extremely helpful in determining long-term success."

  • Phillip Haberthur
  • Buyer